What began as a single truck and one employee has now grown into the large scale operation you see today. We proudly provide jobs to over 100 devoted employees and boast 160 pieces of specialty equipment.

It’s our mission, here at Bizi Transport, to ensure the safety and protection of each and every team member. CEO Abu Bizimana built this company through honest and open communication with both clients and staff.

Providing exceptional service to our customers never results in a compromised safety program. Security assurance is our top priority. Through best training practices and genuine care for our members, we strive to continue leading the transportation industry.

Abu Bizimana

Bizi Transport CEO
Abu began his career in Oil & Gas in 2004 after 5 years of hydraulic fracturing operation. Abu elected to enhance his knowledge of the Business Industry and attend N.A.I.T where he obtained his Business Degree in 2011. It came natural for Abu to start his own trucking company in the Fall of 2012 known as ‘Bizi Transport Inc.’ with just one truck and himself as the driver.

Trucking has always been a passion of his since childhood. Through the careful nurturing of relationships and the collection of contacts over the years he was able to grow Bizi Transport Inc. to what is it today; a company which employs over 100 people and has over 139 pieces of equipment including Tractors, Pneumatic Trailers, Acid Trailers,Molten Sulphur Trailers, Nitrogen Trailers and Fluid Haulers. Abu attributes the success of his business to the hard work and dedication of his employees and loyal relationships of long term clientele.

Ryan Lauscher

General Manager
Ryan Lauscher joined the Bizi Transport team in February of 2017. Ryan brings over 20 years of combined experience in the Oil and Gas Industry he has worked with Frac Operations, Logistics, and Supervision.

He takes a one-on-one customer approach and will work with the client to forecast the most cost-effective methods to utilize the equipment needed for the scope of work being performed.

He has a vast knowledge of on the fly decision making and will always help his clients with problem solving when needed.

Ryan Brown

Business Development Manager LinkedIn
After studying economics, Ryan joined the telecom industry for two years in corporate sales. From there he had been involved in Oil and Gas Completions (Wireline and Fracturing), then Midstream Transportation and Logistics (LPG). His experience in the Western Sedimentary Basin brought him to various hydraulic fracturing roles in the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin, along with India. Prior to joining Bizi, Ryan had been partnered in a Geomatics company servicing Oil and Gas, Mining and Minerals, and construction industries using digital elevation models and data graphics.

Ryan takes his hands-on field experience in combination with an entrepreneurial spirit, to provide a pragmatic and economical approach to Bizi clientele. Currently he is bolstering his professional resume by pursuing a Supply Chain Management accreditation through CITT, and continues to stay active in the Central Alberta business community.

When not in the office you can find Ryan reading Sci-Fi, hiking, camping, or coaching minor hockey and soccer in Blackfalds.

Nick Bauer

Sales and Business Development
Nick has dedicated his career to the Oil and Gas industry for 17 years. Initially, he specialized in the drilling area for 5 years, where he hauled drilling mud and chemicals, as well as, access matting services, rig moving and heavy haul services. While in this role, he mastered everything from drive to dispatch.

He continued to expand his experience in the completions side for the past 12 years, working for a transportation company who specialized in delivery of liquid cryogenics, which included N2,C02, LNG/CNG, Frac sand and other supporting services.

For the last 7 years, he has held a position as Logistics Manager before recently expanding his title to Logistics Coordinator. Nick’s achievements include coordinating many large scale projects in North Dakota, working in the Bakken play and WCSB. He is extremely familiar with cross border transportation due to his expansive travels between Canada and the United States.

During his time at Bizi Transport, Nick enjoys working with customers to understand their transportation needs and formulate a cost effective plan to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. While his wide-range of multifaceted roles make him a key management member, he still enjoys getting in a truck and helping out in the field if the opportunity presents itself.

Jamie Clothier

Northern Area Manager
Jamie began his career in the Oil and Gas industry in 1999. He worked in the drilling sector, transporting equipment, rig moving, heavy hauls and any other commodities.

From there he quickly expanded his expertise to include the transport of chemicals and dangerous goods. Jamie was hired by Abu in March of 2014 to operate one of Bizi’s 4 trucks.

Through dedication and loyalty, Jamie worked his way from a driver to field superintendent to now being the Northern Area Manager. A great deal of Bizi’s success is because of Jamie’s hard work and reliability.

Walter Wiley

Fleet and Maintenance Manager
Walter has been involved in the Oil and Gas industry for over 15 years. He has worked in several service lines such as fracturing, wireline, down tools and cement in the areas of operation, coordinating, and asset management.

Walter has played an important role in the design, testing, and development of new processes and technologies in the industry.

He joined the Bizi Transport team in 2017 as Fleet Manager and is responsible for overseeing all shop staff, parts and supply procurement for both shops, as well as the scheduling of equipment maintenance.

He takes a customer-based approach to all projects and focuses on maximizing productivity, while implementing the most cost-effective methods to utilize the equipment.

Walter’s exstensive years of fleet experience allow him strong decision making capabilities and set him apart as an expert in his field.

Holly Smith

HSE Manager
After completing the OH&S Certificate Program through the University of Alberta, Holly joined the Bizi Transport team in April of 2016 as an HSE Advisor. With over 15 years of HSE, transport and regulatory experience from previous roles with major companies, Holly has brought Bizi Transport from it’s small origins to the large fleet standard it holds today.

Having successfully built and developed Bizi Transport’s Health and Safety program, which gained the company a COR certification since 2016, she continues to push Bizi through a rapidly changing and evolving framework.

Holly strives to learn, and through this process remains instrumental in her ability to effectively deliver proven results in all aspects of the business function.

Geoff Moen

Edmonton Terminal Manager
Geoff Moen joined the Bizi Transport team in April 2021. Geoff has 15 years experience in the transportation and logistics industry. For 8 years Geoff work in dispatching and terminal management across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in sulphur, LPG, asphalt, crude and chemicals.

Geoff prides himself on the relationships that he builds with his customers and drivers.

His calm and unflappable demeanour makes him the perfect fit for coordinating the complex and ever-changing world of transportation management.

When not working Geoff plays soccer and enjoys traveling. To date Geoff has traveled to 18 countries and can’t wait for everything to return to normal so he can book his next trip.

Christine Langford

Human Resources Manager
Christine joined the Bizi team in 2020. With virtually all her career working in the Oil and Gas Industry Christine has enjoyed the diversity of knowledge, understanding and experience that has contributed to her vocation.

Christine believes in the importance of people, their individual success and those successes contributing to a prosperous company.

With over 20 years in both public and private sectors, Christine has experience in recruiting, onboarding, management, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration.

Troy Mireau

Logistics Manager
Troy Mireau began his career in the 2000 in the Western Canadian Oil and Gas industry for a large oilfield service company.

A decade of working in field operations resulted an immense amount of operational training and skills in Acidizing, Fracturing, Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen service lines.

Troy went on to grow into various middle management roles over the following decade from project coordinator to PSL coordinator in both Coil and Fracturing services traveling across Western Canada and the US.

Joining the Bizi Transport team in 2020 Troy has made the Logistics department his home and pours his undivided attention into making the executions of the logistics team as seamless, timely and efficient as possible. Troy not only strives to improve existing process and source out more efficient ways to meet the requirements of our customers, but he also makes the needs of our drivers his priority as he has a keen understanding of the drivers’ values.

A father of two young girls Troy’s value of family, his passion for sports, exploring and exercise contributes another great layer of authenticity to our team.

Our Testimonials

When everyone moves forward together, then success takes care of itself. We are as adaptive as the market, and understand the shared fiscal responsibility we have with our customers. Similarly we are comprised of management whom have been in the driver’s seat, placing our hands in our heads when discussing, planning, and executing field projects.

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