Bizi has a small fleet of N2 bulker units including: High Pressure, Tridem Big Bottle, and tandem units, to service your hauling needs. Our operators are frac experienced, and can a adapt to a multitude of N2 requirements. Ask us about site rental rates for in-field storage.


Bizi carries a fleet of stainless steel tankers, along with fiberglass dual compartment tankers to haul a wide array of bulk chemicals. Our tank and pump configurations ensure that your product is delivered in a safe and efficient manner to your sites.


Safety. Reliability. Professionalism. Acids transport requires all of these things, and more! Our fleet of new tankers and frac acid experienced operators provides some of the best service quality in the industry.


The largest part of Bizi’s fleet, boasts 60+ truck capability to meet the demands of today’s modern frac program sand requirements. From pneumatics, to B-trains and tri-tri bottom drops. Bizi has you covered with a fleet of modern trailers, quiet blowers, and professional sand haulers. Bizi also possesses two high speed recovery belts with experienced operators, that can have your left-over sand offsite and heading in the right direction.


Experienced frac supervisors can help you track onsite material, requirements, frac progress and push trucks. Our professionals work with your frac crews, to ensure proppant delivery is on-time, accurate, and safe with minimal demurrage and higher productivity. Charted daily reports on backside logistics, gives you an unbiased view of daily operations.


Bizi has two 24-hour, full service mobile mechanical units and staff to assist you in a time of need.


Midstream operations are a 24/7/365 requirement. Bizi’s 24 hour logistics, and experienced production haulers give you the assurance that we remain adaptive, getting your Sulphur to where it’s needed.

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