Abu Bizimana


Abu brings over 14 years of experience in Oil & Gas. After 5 years of Frac Operation Abu decided to widen his knowledge of the Business Industry and attend N.A.I.T where he obtained his Business Degree in 2011. After obtaining his business degree Abu decided to start his own company in the Fall of 2012 known as ‘Bizi Transport Inc.’ which started out with just one truck and one driver (himself). Through the building of relationships and collecting of contacts Abu was overtime able to grow Bizi Transport Inc. into a company which now employs over 75 people and has more than 139 pieces of equipment including Tractors, Pneumatic Trailers, Acid Trailers,Molten Sulphur Trailers, Nitrogen Trailers and Fluid Haulers. Abu attributes the success of his business, to the hard work and dedication of his employees and loyal relationships of long term clientele.